Every single person who wants to start their own website wants it to grow and attract a lot of visitors, which has some side effects such as ‘Digg effect’. It happens when the traffic load on your server increases which the present bandwidth is not able to take care of, this result in slow down or shut down of your website on a temporary basis.

There are many factors that lead to ‘Digg effect’. Website owners are most of the time concerned about what is on their website with least botheration about the Bluseo hosting plan they are on. They want their website to have something new to offer to the visitors, but they hardly check on their data transfer capacity and the storage space they have on their shared servers, thanks to their limited hosting plan.

So when the traffic on your website increases with thousands of visitors hitting your website in few hour times, the CPU and data transfer capacity decreases because of the shared server and limit on the bandwidth you are allowed by your hosting provider. This may also result in crashing of your website at the same time also annoying lot of your visitors and potential customers. One can follow few tips to avoid the digg effect.

  • To keep your website running when digged is to publish your articles as static pages without making use of a dynamic script such as PHP, ASP.Net, which demands a lot of performance from your servers putting the unnecessary load on your website? Static file will help reduce the overall load during the loaded times.
  • Create a page outside your content management software to decrease the load making use of notepad or any other editor. Make sure you save the file and add your signature to it and make a copy of the page on the website with template and other CSS elements and finally add the article content to the page and upload it. Though it may not look like the other articles on your website, but it will save your website from crashing down or being slow.
  • If you are on a shared server sharing the space with other players, and you intend on getting the website content digged then it is advisable to contact the web hosting provider to get some information on the digged effect. If you do not get a proper response from them that means it is a time that you consider going on dedicated server rather than sharing server with other players.
  • Dedicated server gives the optimum server uptime especially when you have high volume of traffic. The convenience to your customers and your reputation, I believe pays off for the expense on the server and the cost associated with its management.

Try of the above mentioned techniques of static pages and contacting your shared web hosting service provider and if that does not work think about dedicated server.